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Information About Igatpuri

Where is Igatpuri

Igatpuri is a town and hill station situated 130 km from Mumbai. It is a lovely paradise of nature. Amidst its rolling hills is Manas Resort, the best resort in Igatpuri. Over the last few years, this town has become a favorite among tourists, corporates and also couples looking for a quiet serene place. For someone setting out on a weekend, wondering where is Igatpuri, all you have to do is drive for 2 hours, just off the Mumbai Nashik highway, and make your way to Manas Resort. It will welcome you with its beautiful surroundings. You can also hop on to the train and get here quickly. If you are someone who loves nature and mountain peaks, there’s no need to wonder where is Igatpuri. Because you will find it nestled in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, a 4 hour drive from Pune. So conveniently located, Igatpuri is your ideal weekend picnic spot.

Climate in Igatpuri

Since this is a hill station, the climate in Igatpuri is pleasant for the larger part of the year. While the winters are very cool and the monsoons are splendid, the summers don’t feel as hot as the city either. Given its meandering rivers and lakes, the winter months are chilly here. But its cascading waterfalls and lush mountains come alive in the monsoon, which makes it the go-to place for trekkers. Thanks to the altitude and the greenery of the town, the air is cooler and provides just the respite a traveller looks for in the summer. The temperatures generally remains between 15° to 30° throughout the year during Mornings and Evenings. So, just like the comfort of Manas Resort, the climate in Igatpuri is always welcoming you to unwind in the lap of nature.

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Best time to visit Igatpuri

If you want to go on a trip without much planning, you can easily make your way to Igatpuri. Given the lovely hill station weather, any time is a good time to be here. The winter months, especially November to February, are chilly and the air is pleasant, making you pull out your sweaters and enjoying warm food. Monsoon is the best time to visit Igatpuri and specially Manas Resort as it’s the only resort, which is engulfed with fog throughout the rainy season. It is tucked between majestic mountains like the Camel Valley overlooking Manas Resort. You can also catch the scenic views of the many peaks. Since Igatpuri is home to many waterfalls, you can imagine how the water comes gushing down during the monsoon. Besides, the place is surrounded by a few dams too. All in all, the nature trails are a lively green and the slopes of the hills are perfect for trekking, so for the adventure traveler, June to September is the best time to visit Igatpuri. You are sure to lose yourself to the enchanting beauty of nature here.

Places To Visit In Igatpuri

Perched alongside the winding Western Ghats of Maharashtra, Igatpuri is known for many tourist attractions. There are lot many places to visit in Igatpuri. The Utvad, Harihar and Durvar peaks are a reminder of how mighty and strong nature is in all its glory. Besides, Igatpuri is known for the Randha and Ashoka waterfalls are two most important places to visit in Igatpuri and many little falls along the rolling hill sides make you feel close to nature in the best way possible. Manas Resort has one such waterfall cascading into its premises, making it a favourite among the guests. The Bhavali dam, Bhandardara and the Vaitarna dam with its backwaters are also at a short distance from here, and Igatpuri is known for travelers stopping by the dams for an outdoor picnic! Being at an altitude, it is home to the Kalsubai peak and Igatpuri is known for the Tringalwadi Fort which is frequented by trekkers. The Arthur Lake and Bhatsa River Valley are sought after destinations too. Manas Resort is a hop away from these places, making it the perfect place to lodge yourself and plan little excursions around. World famous Vipassana center is located just 2 km away from Manas Resort With Petting Zoo.

Best Place to stay in Igatpuri

A good landscape topped with a great resort is what makes a holiday truly relaxing. That’s why, the First resort to be set up in Igatpuri – Manas Resort is the best place to stay in Igatpuri. It is synonymous with the hill station, because it is beautifully designed at various levels, has waterfalls running within, Infinity Swimming Pool Kids Pool, special Pool for Pets and has all the facilities you could ask for. Manas Resort with Petting Zoo is spread over 7 and a half acres and has ample space for pets to play around and for kids to enjoy the gifts of nature too, which they miss out in the city. There are many staying options to choose from too. From the executive rooms to exquisite villas, depending on whether you are coming with family, friends or as a couple you can pick the package that’s best for you. The food and other amenities are something our guests have always enjoyed here too. You can even bring your pets along. Manas Resort has been serving travelers for nearly 3 decades and now it is the first of its kind petting zoo in India with human friendly exotic four legged friends, mammals and exotic birds. There is no doubt that Manas Resort is the best place to stay in Igatpuri. From the lovely valley views to the experience of leisure, visit Manas Resort with petting zoo for a memorable vacation in Igatpuri.

Pet friendly place to stay in Igatpuri

If you’re planning to visit Igatpuri and want to bring your furry four legged friend along, you’ve come to the right place! Manas Resort is the only pet friendly place to stay in Igatpuri. We have an expert trainer for our petting zoo, who is great with animals. He can inculcate some healthy habits and also teach him / her a few new tricks. You can bring pet food along or let your pet sample the variety that we have for them. In this Pet Friendly Resort in Igatpuri, We have many dog breeds and exotic birds with specially created aviaries wherein the guests can experience feeding them, playing with them and interacting with them too. With a large pet park, Manas Resort is truly a pet friendly place to stay in Igatpuri, which you and your pet will absolutely enjoy!

Igatpuri as wedding destination

Fairytale wedding can be a reality if you choose Igatpuri as wedding destination. Manas Resort has spacious function lawns as well as banquet halls for weddings to be hosted with ease and style. From the décor to the catering, we can take care of everything and make your occasion a worry free one for you. The setting is natural and beautiful and we can accommodate 500 people. If you want to add a touch of elegance to you the auspicious day on which you choose to wed, choose Igatpuri as wedding destination and hold your ceremony and parties at Manas Resort. You will be glad and always cherish it.