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First Petting zoo in India, By Best Resort In Igatpuri, On Mumbai Nashik Highway, Only 120 km From Mumbai, 2hours Drive From Mumbai, Just Above Kasara Ghat, Surrounded By Valleys & Mountains Of Camel Valley Covered With Dense Fog In Monsoon, With Highest Rainfall, Dams, Waterfalls & Backwaters. The journey started, when a 29 year old young entrepreneur (real estate developer) thought of diversifying into hospitality by creating, holiday & weekend resort near Mumbai. He wanted to create, best hill resort near Mumbai, with nature, landscapes, Water bodies, Water Fountains, Waterfalls. He wanted it to be one of, 10 best resorts near Mumbai, on hill with mountain & Valley view. Wedding destination. corporate events, corporate picnics. The first thought that came to his mind was, the city of Mumbai is slowly and steadily losing its nature in and around it. And series of questions started popping up in his mind. What will happen in the years to come? Where will these stressed out people get De stressed? Where will the kids get a chance to run around the trees and play with friends and parents? Where will you see the soothing, sprawling lawns in the concrete jungle? Where will they enjoy the picnic with nature? When will they get a chance to sip a morning cup of tea in the lawns outside their room with the family, since your own house with a garden is a dream for millionaires? And so on!

He decided to create a place which is near to Mumbai, Near to Pune & Near to Nashik. The golden triangle. He also thought of, Tourist places like Lonavala, Khandala, Matheran & Mahabaleshwar. However realized that all these tourist places are commercialised. Raw nature, Mountains, Valleys with flowing waterfalls were rare. That is when he decided to search for a place, which is virgin location, where natural beauty is in abundance. The idea was to create a place which is a, family resort near mumbai, Kids Friendly Resort Near Mumbai, so that families can spend their weekend. Being Kids Friendly, Kids can run around, play with friends, & family. The idea was to create a, four star resort or four star hotel, which is rustic, natural but with all modern amenities.

Now the challenge was to find a place close to the heart of nature, having a captivated scenery undisturbed by mankind and still at a distance near to Mumbai, Nashik, Pune . While carrying out the exercise he came across Igatpuri, a small town with nearness to Mumbai, Pune and Nashik, still natural and undeveloped.

Long back it was a well-known hill station during British regime and has long been forgotten after independence. The virginity, dense mist in monsoon and winter drew him to shortlist the location. The Land was acquired in 1989 and the first phase was launched on 16th may 1991. The location, nature, mountains, and valleys were so mesmerizing the need to expand was felt in the first year of operation. Then on wards we are continuously expanding, renovating and adding facilities, to ensure an unique experience for our guests every now and then. We come across patrons telling us their childhood stories, memories and experiences at Manas. We are among the,10 best resorts near Mumbai, and still upgrading to excel. We are truly indebted to our patrons for supporting and visiting us for more than 25 years.

We are a team of entrepreneurs and professionals who believe in offering an exclusive experience to every guest visiting our resort near Mumbai. The team consists of entrepreneurs, hospitality professionals, chartered accountant and others from different walks of life. Through years of dedication and hard work today Igatpuri is known because of Manas Resort. Now by creating first petting zoo in India we have proved again how we are at a different level.

We believe in Nature and everything that is natural. We try to create, with in nature with natural material. Our food, our service and the surroundings are natural. The very nature which is now slowly getting extinct from the cities. The belief is to offer Nature in abundance, which is scarce in all the cities. The resort is based on the philosophy of offering nature, landscapes, water bodies, water fountains, waterfalls which offers a unique experience for the getaway near Mumbai while De stressing guests from routine city life.

We serve the guest while serving the society. We are based in undeveloped, backward tribal area in Igatpuri. We try and train the tribal youth, from the nearby vicinity in hospitality, thereby creating employment in the otherwise undeveloped area. Our team may not be professionals from hospitality institutes but the warmth, natural smile, and zeal to serve you, to the best of their ability with natural humbleness.

We are located at a different level, approximately 1200 feet above sea level with second highest rainfall in India, near Nashik. We try to serve guests from the heart, rather than stone faced service under the pretext of professional service. The food and beverages are served to your taste, rather than fancy international cuisines under the pretext of fusion food. Our rooms, interiors are designed to comfort you with a unique experience of natural material, rather than the materialistic extravaganza. It may not create wow effect but you will definitely love the comfort and the warmth, the natural material offers you.

About Igatpuri

About Igatpuri: When British ruled India, Igatpuri was one of the most desirable hill station, for summer holidays and weekends near Mumbai. The area was wrapped with an amazing climate where summer is dry and winter is chili, But monsoon wins the heart, with it amazing weather. Igatpuri is the second highest rainfall in the country, so the climate is blended up with continuous rain and dense mist throughout the monsoon.

Being a junction, it is well connected by rail routes as well as by highway. Kasara Local can drop you just 15kms away from Igatpuri while Nashik is 30 minutes away from Manas by road. One can reach here within two hours from Mumbai. While Mahabaleshwar or Alibaug takes a driving time of more than 4 hours makes it a tough journey for short weekend trips. Lonavla, Khandala or Matheran with traffic jams makes it inconvenient. Igatpuri enjoys the best connectivity and less traveling hassle for short weekend travellers.

Igatpuri is truly blessed by mother nature. It is surrounded by highest Sahyadri peaks and deep valleys with a longest running waterfalls. Igatpuri is known for en number of exciting places in and around Igatpuri. It’s a virgin place with lush green valleys, Mountains, forts, Dams, Waterfalls, rice paddy’s and farms. The town is surrounded by tribal villages and wadis which have still not adopted the modern culture and happy with their traditional living with the help of nature surrounding villages. The tribal culture is still prominent and has not allowed the modern living and digital culture to creep in to their daily lives.

About Igatpuri Taluka of Nashik district has total population of 253,513 as per the Census 2011. Out of which 128,999 are males while 124,514 are females. In 2011 there were total 46,129 families residing in Igatpuri Taluka. The Average Sex Ratio of Igatpuri Taluka is 965. The town is located just above Thal Ghat, popularly known as Kasara Ghat, on the Mumbai Nashik highway before the Ghoti bypass of Mumbai Bhandardara Road. It has second highest rainfall in the country. The Mountains, Valleys, and the rainfall create innumerable mesmerizing waterfalls surrounding the town. The natural beauty of Igatpuri is way above the popular tourist places near Mumbai, like Matheran, Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala and Khandala. The same cannot be compared, even with places like Malshej ghat, which is popular with the tourists in Monsoon season. During the Monsoon the area of Manas Resort With Petting Zoo and the famous picturesque Camel Valley across Manas Resort is engulfed with dense fog during the monsoon and part of winter season.

Igatpuri consists of huge dams like 1) Mukane Dam project is on Aundha Nalla near village Mukane, Taluk Igatpuri, Nashik. This Dam is major earthen Dam having Length 1530M, Maximum height of Dam is 26.93 m and Gross Storage is 7563 mcft. It also has a saddle Dam having a length of 900 m. The storage is used for irrigation of bandharas on Aundha Nalla for an area of 453 ha. and Nandurmadhameshwar Express Canal irrigating 12596 ha. The work of the main dam started in 1984 and was completed in year 1994. The saddle Dam was completed in year 2004. There is also provision of hydroelectric power Generation that is under construction. 2) Bhavali Dam, is an earthfill dam on Bham river, IgatpuriNashik district. Bhavali Dam is located near village Bhavali on Darana river tributary of Godavari river. The height of the dam above lowest foundation is 33.97 m (111.5 ft) while the length is 1,550 m (5,090 ft). The volume content is 329 km3  and gross storage capacity is 75,050.00 km3 (18,005.45 cu mi) with a purpose of irrigation. 3) Upper Vaitarana Dam, is an earthfill and gravity dam on west flowing Vaitarna river near IgatpuriNashik district of Maharashtra state in India.[1] The reservoir created by this dam spreads on both Vaitarna and Godavari rivers catchment area. The height of the dam above its lowest foundation is 41 m (135 ft) while the length is 2,531 m (8,304 ft). It is built wit a purpose of Municipal water supply to Mumbai city and hydroelectricity (60 MW). 4) Darna Dam, is a gravity dam on Darna river near Igatpuri. The height of the dam above lowest foundation is 28 m (92 ft) while the length is 1,634 m (5,361 ft). The volume content is 1,886.1 km3 ( and gross storage capacity is 226,870.00 km3. Its purpose is for irrigation and also drinking water supply to nearby town of sinnar, Nashik. 5) Bhandardara is near Igatpuri, in the western ghats of India. The village is located in the Tehsil Akole Ahmednagar district of the state of Maharashtra, about 185 kilometers  from Mumbai and around 45 kilometers from Igatpuri.

Bhandardara sits by the Pravara River, and the natural environment, waterfalls, mountains, Wilson dam; Arthur Lake and Randha falls are tourist attractions. Bhandardara attractions include Wilson Dam and Arthur Lake. The recent attraction in this place is Fireflies camp in the Purushwadi area.

There are a number of historic and natural places of interest near the dam. From Bhandardara, visitors can climb up, to see the Ratangad and Harishchandragad fort. Or, visitors can follow the trails that lead to Ajoba and Ghanchakkar peaks. The highest peak in Maharashtra, Mount Kalsubai is 1646 m, and the starting point for this trek is Bari Village, located 12 km away from Bhandardara. Atop, there is a small temple located at the summit, with views of Sahyadris and Bhandardara. The toughest trio-forts in Sahydri namely Alang FortMadangad fort and Kulang gad ( also called A-M-K) located on the southern side. A very narrow Sandhan valley is on the Western side of the dam. 6) Tringalwadi dam is located 7 km from Igatpuri. There are two routes to reach the village Tringalwadi from Igatpuri first one passes through Igatpuri town and the other is by taking a northern exit to NH160 at Ghoti, further passing through village Balayaduri. It is situated at an altitude of 3,000 feet above the sea level. Since it is located very high, the fort offers picturesque scenery of the whole locality, especially Kulang and Kalsubai mountain ranges. The fort attracts trekkers also. The top of the fort is shaped like a Turban. A temple dedicated to lord Hanuman is nearby. An architectural marvel, the fort can be accessed through a narrow pathway, down to the Tringalwadi Lake. It is a mesarock formation. The climb is very easy. The presence of the caves indicate that the caves and the fort might be constructed around 10th century. The fort was built to overlook the trade route, which connected Konkan to Nashik area. In 1636 the Shahaji (father of king Shivaji) had to cede it to the Moghuls after the defeat at mahulifort. It is not known when Shivaji took control of this fort, but in 1688 Moghuls won this fort. It is one of the 16 forts, which was surrendered to British in 1818 after the fall of Trymbakgad fortasy and takes about 30 minutes to reach the top of the fort from the village. At the footshills of the fort is a cave called pandav leni with beautifully carved entrance and a stone idol of Rishabhanatha in the garbha gruha. The cave has a large sabha mandapa. the western entrance to the fort is a unique structure of architecture. The steps and the entrance gate is carved from a single rock. There is an idol of veerHanuman or maruti near the entrance gate and two sharabhaidols carved on the top of the entrance gate. On the fort are ruins of old buildings and a smallBhavanimata temple.There is a cave and a rock cut water cistern on the western side of the hillock on the fort. Other than big dams Igatpuri has many other small and medium dams like bham dam, railway dam catering to Indian railways requirement as well as Talegaon Dam catering to Igatpuri town and surrounding areas. The backwater during and after monsoon is home to migratory birds in the area.:

Other Attractions

Camel Valley

It is Located just across Manas Resort With Petting Zoo, Camel valley is the most picturesque and scenic valley of Maharashtra unbeatable by any of the valleys in popular tourist places. Major attraction in this valley, is a roaring waterfall that falls down from 1000 ft height. The valley is green and comes alive with many waterfalls during the monsoon. It is a favorite spot for tourists as well as people driving from Mumbai to Nashik and vice versa. In recent years it has become a selfie point on Mumbai Igatpuri road. The beautiful valley is covered with dense forest and is must visit place. Camel valley is an ideal place for photographers and nature lovers.

Ghatandevi Temple

It is an ancient temple recently renovated by locals, dedicated to the goddess or the protector of the Ghat. Though it is on the ghat it is couple of hundred meters inside from highway, surrounded by a garden developed by forest department. On auspicious Dasehra day it is visited by around one lac locals every year.

Ashoka Waterfall

It is a waterfall located just 12 km. away from Manas Resort With Petting Zoo, on Igatpuri Mokhada road. It is a picturesque fall amidst the dense forest, which converts in to a natural pool at the bottom. The overflow of the pool converts in to a small river, which flows down to backwaters of Upper Vaitarana dam. The fall was initially known as Vihigaon fall since it is located in Vihigaon village. It became popular as Ashoka fall, after Famous movie Ashoka was shot here starring Sharaukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor. Picnicking is popular at this picturesque waterfall & pool surrounded by forest.

The town has lot of heritage forts, church, and government rest houses, Resorts and Hotels.

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Igatpuri is truly blessed by mother nature. It is surrounded by highest Sahyadri peaks and deep valleys with a longest-running waterfalls. Igatpuri is known for en number of exciting places in and around Igatpuri. It’s a virgin place with lush green valleys, Mountains, forts, Dams, Waterfalls, rice paddy’s and farms. The town is surrounded by tribal villages and wadis
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