manas resort with petting zoo

Manas Resort

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1) Swimming Pool 2) Kids Pool 3) Waterfall 4) Petting Zoo 5) Live Music 6) Trekking 7) Nature trails


Do you love sitting under the waterfall sipping your favorite drink? Everybody can have it during monsoon season on all the hill stations. But if you wish to enjoy the same thrill all 365 days, then Manas is the only place. We have created a man-made waterfall with natural material. It falls from our Infinity swimming pool to Kids pool. It gives you, authentic waterfall experience. It falls 20ft down from Infinity pool, located at a different level into a, kids pool. You can enjoy the thrill in a secured atmosphere where nobody can disturb you.

The waterfall is created to be young, wild and free.

Friendly Exotic Birds

We also have created Walk In Aviaries all over the resort, for housing different exotic birds. These exotic birds are human friendly. Our birds actually love to be feed by human. Our birds not only eat from guest hand, but they love to play with guests. Once you enter the walk in aviary, all would like to come and sit on your hand, shoulders, cling on your body to play with you. Its an amazing experience for which people visit places like Singapore bird sanctuary and end up paying lot of money to experience it. At Manas resort with Petting Zoo its available for free which is near to Mumbai. No need to fly to Singapore.

Indoor & Outdoor Games

Feeling enthusiastic, games can be a mate in every mood. Indoor and Outdoor games like, Cricket, Volleyball & indoor games like, Table Tennis, Pool or Carrom available at Manas for the energetic you. Feeling tired or not in a mood to get in to physical activity, ask our reception for sitting games like chess, cards etc. and will send it right where you are be in a room or garden. If you are a pet lover, Manas is heaven for pets. We have lots of, super friendly pets, to play with. Make the most of your stay with these, indoor and outdoor games, in the resort.

Cricket, Volley Ball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Carrom, Dart, Chess, Pool.