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Food that is Healthy & Taste Better

At Manas, our food has three simple principles: the freshest ingredients, authentic recipes, and we strive to preserve the delicate flavours of every dish. Our chefs have carefully curated a diverse menu that highlights the finest elements of every cuisine. Treat your taste buds to new and exciting dishes every single day. 

Whether you dine at 360- our open-to-the-clouds café, At Crème, our fine-dine restaurant, or from the comfort of your own room, or Private lawns of villas, we’re sure you will enjoy the 360 degree panoramic views, our friendly service, and the love that our chefs sprinkle into every dish they create.

And while you’re at it, why not pair your meal with locally-sourced wines from vineyards around Igatpuri, or a cocktail created especially for you?

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