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Dining at Manas

At Manas, our food has three simple principles: the freshest ingredients, authentic recipes, and we strive to preserve the delicate flavours of every dish. Our chefs have carefully curated a diverse menu that highlights the finest elements of every cuisine. While dining at Manas treat your taste buds to new and exciting dishes every single day.

Whether you dine at 360- our open-to-the-clouds café, At Crème, our fine-dine restaurant, or from the comfort of your own room, or Private lawns of villas,dining at Manas will be a memorable experience for your taste buds. We’re sure you will enjoy the 360 degree panoramic views, our friendly service, and the love that our chefs sprinkle into every dish they create.

And while you’re at it, why not pair your meal with locally-sourced wines from vineyards around Igatpuri, or a cocktail created especially for you?

Best place to eat in Igatpuri

When you’re on a holiday you want to experience leisure and relax, and one of things that adds to this is delicious food. At Manas Resort, we have more than enough options to spoil you as this is the best place to eat in Igatpuri. Our all day dining restaurant has varied offering of local and world cuisine, which is sure to tempt your taste buds. The 360 degree open ambience and atmosphere captures a mix of contemporary and homely vibrancy and along with the carefully created menu by our chefs this is undoubtedly the best place to eat in Igatpuri.

Veg restaurant in Igatpuri

At Manas Resort, we believe in making our guests comfortable and ensuring that all their needs are taken care of. Hence, we take special care in preparing meals for our vegetarian friends. Over the years, we have become renowned for having the best veg restaurant in Igatpuri, as we make a variety of dishes from farm fresh ingredients and even the pickle is made in-house from the fruits that grow within the premises! The flavours are authentic and the taste is simple unforgettable. To add to the experience we have live veg counters for everything from dosa to delectable pizzas and pastas. So if you’re looking for the best veg restaurant in Igatpuri, hop in at Manas Resort, our chefs are waiting to serve you!

Multi-cuisine restaurant in Igatpuri

In the modern world, all kinds of cuisines are available at a click on your app. But that’s for daily life in the city. At Manas Resort we pride ourselves in having a multi-cuisine restaurant in Igatpuri that offers eclectic flavours from around the world. From authentic Indian cuisine to exotic Asian specialities to continental flavours, there’s more than you can imagine. Keeping in mind our diverse guests who come from all walks of life, we are the only multi-cuisine restaurant in Igatpuri, that will live up to your international tastes! Enjoy your choice of meal with the backdrop of the valley!

Fine Dine Restaurant in Igatpuri

Travellers tend to feel that fine dining is restricted to the cities only. But at Manas Resort, we go the extra mile in offering the luxurious dining experience that match our guests’ discerning tastes. Crème, at Manas Resort, is the only fine dine restaurant in Igatpuri. From authentic Indian cuisine, to the eclectic flavours of the European and Asian regions, the fare at our restaurant is something you must savour and experience for yourself. The restaurant allows a burst of sunshine in during the day and offers a lovely view of the valley during the evenings and lets you enjoy the star-lit sky at night. From the food to the décor to the ambience this is your must-try fine dine restaurant in Igatpuri.

Bar in Igatpuri

Once you step into Manas Resort you will the relaxed vibe all around. And why not make that even better by enjoying a drink or two, as we boast of the most impressive bar in Igatpuri. Be it at our all day dining café, fine dine restaurant or the comfort of your room, you can choose from a wide selection of drinks – beer, wines, rum, whiskey, cocktails and of course mocktails too. Flowing with the best of spirits is our bar in Igatpuri, with drinks that can be paired with your choice of food. So come, take a dip in the pool and a sip of your favorite drink and feel refreshed. Where to eat in Igatpuri

Be it local Maharashtrian delicacies, lip smacking north Indian food, continental or Asian dishes or a sweet treat come to Manas Resort and you’ll have answered your question of where to eat in Igatpuri. Whether you are staying with us, or you’re hungry after a trek or you’re just stopping by on your long bike ride, we assure you a relishing experience with astonishing local and global cuisines. You need not worry where to eat in Igatpuri, as our chefs make it a point to make delicious food for everyone – youngsters, kids, older people and even the quick business traveller.

Igatpuri Special Food

One of the best part about a holiday is trying out local food that is from that region. At Manas Resort, you’ll find the best Igatpuri special food, cooked in the local style. Our full of flavours kadaknath chicken, dhaba style deshi chicken and of course the fresh catch local fish – all are an exotic treat for your tummy. From steaming hot missal in the mornings to other specially made dishes that have a home cooked touch, our Igatpuri special food, is something you will relish on your visit to Manas Resort.

Bakery and Patisserie

Forget all your worries and also your strict diet restrictions when you enter the world of dining experiences at Manas, and that includes our splendid desserts too! We have our own in-house bakery and patisserie, which will spoil you for choice when it comes to sweet treat. Be it lunch and dinner, or even giving a smooth and sweet finish to your breakfast, we have everything from donuts and pastries to muffins and ice creams. All of our baked items are made fresh daily at the resort and we use the finest ingredients for our creations. What’s more, we have eggless varieties too. So make your holiday even sweeter by trying out one of our handcrafted cakes, cookies, donuts, etc. made expertly at our bakery and patisserie.

Top restaurant in Igatpuri

Soak in the lovely vibe of this hill station with the best in local cuisine and dishes from around the world at Manas Resort, which houses the top restaurant in Igatpuri. Our chefs believe in showering guests with an exceptional dining experience with a multi-cuisine offering wrapped in exotic spices and aromas. One look at the menu, and you will be craving to sample the delicious dishes we have to offer. You can opt for the buffet or even take your pick a la carte from the menu. What makes this the top restaurant in Igatpuri is that the culinary offerings are complemented by the warm and attentive service of our staff. So come, enjoy your melting-in-the-mouth meals here.

Food and place to eat in Igatpur

Since it is so close to Mumbai, Pune and also Nashik, Igatpuri has visitors of all kinds. Business folks, adventurous trekkers, families on a getaway and even couples looking for a quiet place. At Manas Resort, we make your trip to this town even better with the best food and place to eat in Igatpuri. Our restaurant is open all day and gives you the best options from comfort food like missal and curd-rice to exotic Asian curries and cheesy creamy Italian varieties. Fish lovers will enjoy even more as we have some delicious fish made in local flavors too. So if you want to indulge in a memorable meal, Manas offers the best food and place to eat in Igatpuri. Come, experience it for yourself.

Lively place to eat in Igatpuri

Manas Resort has freshness written all over it. Our all day dining restaurant offers dishes made with sweet aromatic herbs and a vibrancy of local spices. And the natural wooden structure with the openness the restaurant offers, makes it the most lively place to eat in Igatpuri. After all, Manas Resort is overlooking the valley, and every meal here reflects this wonder of nature. When the food is good, live music events on the every weekend make the evenings great! We have different bands performing the most popular tunes. The restaurant ambience is even more happening as music flows and fuses with great taste. All of this topped with delicacies from around the world makes our restaurant the liveliest place to eat in Igatpuri. An experience that will linger in your mind for a long time.