Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy

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Pet Therapy

Pet Friendly Resort

Pet therapy, or Animal-assisted Therapy is a growing field of therapy in which dogs or other animals assist people to better cope with various health conditions, including mental health disorders. With pride we’d like to share that besides pioneering the concept of a pet-friendly resort, at Manas, we encourage and engage in the model of animal-assisted therapy. Here, you will find the environment conducive to recovery, one that is friendly, gentle & patient. While this field of study is poised for growth with tremendous ongoing research, it is now known that animal-assisted therapy can significantly reduce pain, anxiety, depression and fatigue.

  • People with mental stress
  • People with work stress
  • People with chronic illness
  • Children who can not concentrate
  • Children having dental procedures
  • People receiving cancer treatment
  • People in long-term care facilities
  • People hospitalized with chronic heart failure
  • Veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder

Advantages Of Pet Therapy

The impact of urban life on mental health has now become more important than ever. If the views of crowded streets, traffic, honking vehicles and air pollution are familiar to you, it is almost certain that you are someone who deals with a stress filled life regularly. This may not imply that urban life damages one’s organs, but it certainly alters the way we react to stress & anxiety. One of the few ways to combat these symptoms, is to spend more time in green spaces and, now possibly, with loving & affectionate pets that have the capacity to calm your senses and balance your thoughts. A beautiful combination of both is what Manas offers. Lush green hills combined with pets, that belong to an array of breeds.

We Care For Pets

With delight, we’d also like to share that these facilities are provided at no additional cost. We have a team on board that ensures that the pets are healthy and hygienic with a well balanced diet. They are all well trained to interact with both children and adults. The moment you get here, you will realise how caring and friendly they are.

We have on board the ever famous veterinary doctor, Dr. Sanjay Kasar and pet trainer Sachin Rawte who ensure the stability of these pets. All our Exotic Birds & Mammals are looked after by our speciality vet Dr. Shivani Tandel. We also have a vast off-leash parka that expands to a 15,000 sq.ft area with agility equipment installed to demonstrate accurate mental stimulation and exercise to both guests and pets alike.

Facilities For Pet Therapy

Besides these facilities, we offer walk-in aviaries that run alongside the area of the resort. They house exotic birds that are equally well trained and wait to mingle with humans. Additionally, there are sugar gliders, red iguanas, red turkeys and an ostrich with a private run up that moves around exuberating bountiful joy and energy. Overall, these birds provide an amusing sight to our guests who are free to interact with them at their comfort.

Should you feel like bringing along your own pets, do not hesitate to do so. For they will have an equally joyful experience at Manas, with facilities including food provided at no added costs. We will look forward to hosting them!