Igatpuri: A Monsoon Destination

Igatpuri: A Monsoon Destination

Nestled in the dense hills of Maharashtra, Igatpuri the best monsoon destination near Mumbai, is a small town that promises a fulfilling getaway throughout the year. It is a place that caters to the needs of a variety of individuals. The adventure seekers often visit Igatpuri for a trek while those looking for a short break find themselves unwinding besides its meandering river valleys and lakes.It’s the best Monsoon destination near Mumbai!

Although recommended to visit the hill town in the winter, Igatpuri has now emerged as a best monsoon destination near Mumbai too! Much like the rest of Maharashtra, Igatpuri is greeted by the monsoons as the month of June comes along. Being at an altitude, the rains are usually accompanied with strong winds which in turn make the weather chilly, providing a welcome relief from the heat for travellers from Mumbai. Although it is not another Shimla, Igatpuri is a solace for pleasant weather that does not cross 25°c.

On the other hand, the town is also a pioneer of all things ‘nature!’ Known very well for Arthur Lake and Bhatsa River Valley, Igatpuri is also home to the Kalsubai Peak and the Tringalwadi Fort. Furthermore, there are various other small lakes and valleys at a short distance from the main town that fill up in the rainy season. During the monsoons, these scenic spots are the real treats for anybody that wishes to experience natural beauty firsthand. The weather in no way creates a hassle to go around as the roads are well maintained and prepared for the rains.

With the weather urging one to stay in bed, the sheer greenery and abundance of nature in Igatpuri allows individuals to do the same. While it can be a place to explore, it is also a sanctuary for those who wish to wind down.

Although many folks plan a trip to Igatpuri for a day or two, it is also an excellent option for a day outing. There are a number of major cities and smaller towns surrounding Igatpuri that often have individuals travelling back and forth. Being a well connected town by road and a major railway station, you will never be short of transport options to get there.

Igatpuri is a 3 hour drive from Mumbai, a 4 hour journey from Pune and barely an hour away from Nashik, making it an ideal weekend getaway. There are lots of individuals who often visit Igatpuri whilst on a drive, especially during the monsoons. While the town can provide a luxurious stay, it also encompasses other simple pleasures. This includes quite a few roadside tea stalls and eateries that provide hot food and beverages as the rains pour down.

Over the past few years, Igatpuri is slowly emerging as a hub for many tourists. It is an easily accessible hill station for many residing in the state of Maharashtra. Furthermore, Igatpuri not only showcases beautiful sceneries but is also deemed to be less commercial than several other places like it.

What are you waiting for? Pick up your umbrellas and jackets and set off for Igatpuri before the skies close down! You can book your stay at the luxurious Manas Resort, a family-friendly resort in Igatpuri that offers cozy shelter in the midst of the tumultuous weather. With great views, inviting rooms and homely food, it has everything one needs to relish a gloomy day!