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Manas Resort Petting Zoo, Igatpuri, is surrounded by misty mountains and is a home to a variety of friendly animals and exotic birds. Come and play with our in-house pooches including Japanese Akita, Long Coat German Shepherd, Rough Collies, Labrador, French Bulldogs and many more. We have socialized these pets, to an extent, that they are super friendly with our guests and other pets. Also meet our variety of exotic pheasants and variety of chickens including Polish cap, Silkie Bantam the fur balls and Cochin Bantam and have a fun-filled stay at our resort.


We have created a massive 15000+ sq.ft., off-leash park, so that your canine buddies can play and exercise to their heart’s content. Its a Fenced area with trees and greenery all around, where your pets can play, jump and exercise in the company of, other four-legged pals. This playground used for pet training, has an assortment of agility equipment like dog jump bar, see-saw, dog walk ramp, doggie jump hoops, weave posts, canvas tunnel and doggie rest table where your pets will enjoy playing. Being a pet friendly resort, we have guests walking in with the pets. it gives you an opportunity for your pets to make new friends. Apart from the fun, your pet is assured of, this increased physical activity will be instrumental in minimizing health and behavioral problems in pets.


Get your pet companion trained by our world-renowned trainer, Mr Sachin Raawte. He knows all that there is to know, about training pets. Dogs need physical and mental stimulation. Certain breeds are working breeds. if they don’t get stimulation pets can turn to be destructive. Pets should not get bored and all the excess energy need to be creatively used. Scientific methods, interactive props and proper training ensures your pet learns a few tricks, of its own before you reach back home. We also provide training to new pet parents on behavioral management for them to understand different behavior aspects of their pets.


We pamper our guests to no end, including our four-legged friends, especially when it’s meal time. Manas Resort is famous for its delectable yet healthy food options and your pets will surely love it too. We will consult with you about your pet’s likes and dislikes and provide with food that makes your pets feel absolutely at home or you can bring your own pet food too.

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