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Corporate Team Bonding

Don’t worry! We take care of all corporate events whether it be team outing, conference, corporate picnic, seminar or training program at our resort. Please check our Events Gallery & get convinced.

The ambience is created so as to match exactly what your event is all about. From corporate meetings to private parties or theme parties, we’ve got our hands on each one. Manas can accommodate approx. 350 guests in 6 different categories of rooms and 2000 people on the lawns, for an event. Manas is fully equipped with 3 Conference halls and a Board Rooms to handle any requirement. Live bands, DJ, Lavish poolside Buffet, cocktail are all available in a very scenic environment.


To be inspired you must surround yourself with inspiring things. Nature the most inspiring part of human life, becomes a part of your gathering, when you conduct a conference at Manas. Every event has a purpose and we see to it that your purpose is achieved. Our 3 fully air-conditioned Conference rooms and 1 Board Room has the complete environment required for motivation and professionalism.


In todays competitive world, team plays a crucial role in achieving the targets & success. It can not be done in the four walls of offices or business hotels in the city. There is a lot of space requirement open as well as covered when it comes to team building activities. Huge open spaces with natural landscapes, in the surrounding which is the most inspiring element, for team building activities & games. Not only with in the campus but around Manas there are en number of natural locations which can be used for such activities. We help you identify and undertake activities in these locations. Many sports facilities and team building activities will give justice to the training program conducted at Manas resort.


Learning is an ongoing process. It never ends. Your desire to acquire knowledge is what matters the most. Any discussion on a topic can lead to a great change in a person or organization about their views towards a goal. To gather for such a discussion and presentation, the place should be as effective as the goal. Conduct your seminar with the pioneer in hospitality, so that your goal of conducting such activity is achieved to the fullest.


Dealers are the most important part of any company. Without happy dealers no one can reach the marke efficiently. Only good margins are not good enough to keep your dealers happy. When a new product is launched training dealers in your market is the first step. Along with training its necessary to entertain your dealers the best possible way. When all the wheels of your brand/organization come together, who have been rolling your business throughout, treat them with the finest and give them a feeling of being royal. We ensure the desired results for you.


After a year of dealing with market strategies, when it’s time to discuss profit and loss with the board of directors, have the relaxing environment for peace of mind and body. Plan your year ahead with a fresh mind to give fresh ideas and strategies to your company.