Team Bonding Activity

Team Bonding Activity

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Events At Manas

Manas Resort in Igatpuri is the perfect venue for your off site, conference, seminar, corporate picnic or any such events. If you are looking for a place to get your team together, we will partner with you in not only hosting your team but also be your event planner. These events are like a getaway mixed with business discussions and relaxation, and what better place than Manas Resort. The natural surroundings and the facilities make this the ideal way. Our event planner expertise is catered to your needs to look well after the guests and make these events memorable for everyone!

Team Building

In the modern hectic work schedule, taking time out for team building is an essential part of corporate health. Employees work all through the year, and hence team building is important for creating a bond. Manas Resort makes for the ideal setting for these team-building activities. Our resort situated in a scenic place amidst hills, and the facilities are designed for your comfort. Our 3 conference rooms are fully equipped for any kind of team building initiatives. From presentations to indoor games to musical evenings, enjoy everything under one roof!

Team building activities

Be it a small organization or a large-scale company, team-building activities inspire and engage teams to work better. At Manas Resort, we provide you the best surroundings and amenities for this purpose.
Your team building activities can include mind challenges, physical exercise or fun games. We cater to it all. While your team building activities goal is to entertain, educate, and strengthen team bonding, ours is to make it happen for you! You can plan indoor and outdoor team building activities at Manas Resort, and rest assured your workforce will enjoy it!

Corporate Events

Whether it’s a year-end review, a brain storming session or a party, at Manas Resort all kinds of corporate events can be hosted with ease. Our halls are professionally designed with the comfortable acoustics and lighting needed for corporate events. Additionally our natural surroundings add to the relaxation you want to offer your team at such events.

Event Company

Business outings have become the buzzword these days. If you are an event company looking for a venue to organize any such events for your esteemed clients, come to Manas. We can accommodate approx. 350 guests in 6 different categories of rooms and 2000 people on the lawns. Besides our careful planning and experience of handling such events is a respite for any event company, as we will ensure that your events go perfectly well.


All work and no play, is not the best formula for teamwork. Having a picnic once in a while is absolutely necessary! At Manas, the natural landscape of the resort is perfect for a picnic. Your team can unwind in the open spaces. They can enjoy the scenic beauty of Igatpuri and also take a dip in the waterfall at the resort! After all a picnic at Manas Resort means leisure!

Corporate Picnic

Give your workforce time off from their busy schedule, by organizing a corporate picnic! Set in the valleys of Igatpuri, Manas Resort welcomes your group. Hosting a corporate picnic in this environment enables better collaboration amongst team members as they mingle together. Take advantage of our open lawns, fresh air and petting zoo and make your corporate picnic unique!

Picnic Games

Engaging employees in picnic games adds to their happiness in many ways. At Manas Resort, we encourage such team building activities. Our open spaces like lawns and gardens are designed for all levels of picnic games. From simple fun tasks like skipping to challenging competitive picnic games, host any outdoors activities here. Share your thoughts and we will make arrangements for your picnic games that ensure better bonding among your team!


In today’s competitive world, providing training to employees helps them gain an edge. And training doesn’t always have to be confined to within the walls of an office. At Manas Resort, we offer an ideal atmosphere for training. This venue is best for training sessions as it combines scenic settings, latest technology and convenience.

Training & development

For any organization, training and development is a key element for progress. It enables employees to learn and improve their skills. When you’re looking for an off-site training and development venue, come to Manas Resort. Located close to Mumbai, it is convenient to reach. And our natural surroundings coupled with all the amenities, will make your training and development event more productive.

Training methods

Companies deploy a range of training methods these days – from technical to creative processes. Holding such a corporate event at Manas Resort has its advantages. The open and lush green setting, with its facilities help people imbibe the training methods quickly. The ambience adds to the grasping of all that is imparted. So while you focus on training methods that are suited to your staff, we will ensure they remain motivated.

Training schedule

From closed room discussions to outdoor activities, your training schedule needs are taken care of at Manas. Our resort is spread over 7 and half acres, with indoor and outdoor facilities. Well-equipped conference rooms to open lawns, your training schedule can be easily managed here. We host one-day corporate events and also those where the training schedule is specialized and hence spread over a week. We look after your employees just like you do!


Business goals, resource management or new agendas, a conference requires a good setting. We provide you a perfect setting at Manas Resort. Whether it’s a number crunching sales conference or a tactical marketing conference, your employees will feel comforted here. Our conference rooms are equipped for your requirements and so is our natural surrounding. It facilitates formal and casual group discussions. Since the resort is spread across levels, you can make the most of the space available.

Bring people together for a sales conference from around the country or planning special events for them. Or find an effective game plan together at your marketing conference. You can focus on your business needs while our staff will assist you. All your conference event related needs will be customized by our event specialists down to the last detail. You can be worry free while hosting your business conference here.


Investing in your employees is crucial today. When you train them, hold a seminar away from the office. At Manas Resort these seminars have proved to be effective. The natural backdrop of the hills and the quiet enables people to focus better at their technical, finance or marketing seminar here. This atmosphere is great to conduct a workshop too.

After all, if you want your seminar or workshop to inspire, you need a fitting location. At Manas Resort, we ensure that your group feels rejuvenated. Come to Manas Resort for a seminar and you will want to make it an annual event like most corporates do.

Board meeting

The world is moving towards an open approach to business. Hence, holding your board meeting in a place like Manas Resort is ideal. With our open lawns and technologically up-to-date boardrooms, your board meeting turns into a retreat. Your board of directors will feel comfortable, relaxed and rejuvenated. After all you want your board directors to focus, connect and also enjoy themselves. Manas Resort enlivens your board meeting with its surroundings. Come, to Manas Resort and make your board meeting effective for all your members. We promise an atmosphere unlike any other.