Away from the clutter & stress of city life lies the beautifully breath-taking hill station of Igatpuri. It is one of the most sought-after travel getaways.
Known for its lush greenery, Vipassana International Academy, has stunning views of the western ghats. Offering a wonderful respite after a busy week.
Igatpuri is the shooting hub for Bollywood movies; as seen in some of your favorite movies!

If you are visiting Igatpuri for a weekend getaway, then you can’t miss out on the marvelous resorts in Igatpuri, which are surely going to make your stay luxurious and comfortable.

A famous hill station lying just 45 km away from Nashik, Igatpuri flaunts several breathtaking places to visit.
You can explore the Bhatsa River Valley, Camel Valley, Tringalwadi Fort, and Igatpuri Cemetery, among various other sites.
If you love lakes & waterfalls, then Girisagar Waterfall, Arthur Lake, and The Five Waterfalls offer a beautiful sight.

The cozy resorts in Igatpuri are a perfect welcome after a long day of exploring the city. You can opt for luxury resorts, boutique resorts, family resorts, couple-friendly resorts, and even pet-friendly resorts in Igatpuri.
This article will take you through one of the finest resorts in Igatpuri and how you can make the best of your stay.

Best Resorts in Igatpuri

There are many resorts in Igatpuri. And you can choose your resort based on your requirements and the people you’re traveling with.
Luxury resorts, pet-friendly resorts, family resorts, couple resorts — Igatpuri offers you the best views & staying experience.

Make your stay beautiful by choosing the finest resorts in Igatpuri.

What should you look for in resorts in Igatpuri?

When you book a resort in Igatpuri, always keep in mind that your stay will be an extension of your travel.
It will play a key role in either making your trip wonderful or miserable.  That’s why it is essential to know about the resort, the facilities and amenities they offer, the locality in which they’re situated, and the type of service they provide.

Apart from that, every person or every group has its own needs. Therefore, look for resorts that fulfill those needs.

Choosing a resort entirely by yourself can be overwhelming, especially in a completely new city.
We’re here to help you with your search for the best resort in Igatpuri. Your search ends at the Manas Resort, and here’s why!

Luxury Resort In Igatpuri – Manas Resort

Located on the famous Kasara Ghat along the Mumbai Nashik highway, Manas Resort offers one of the finest staying experiences in Igatpuri.
A traveler’s favorite, Manas Resort, is surrounded by the beauty of nature amid natural flora and fauna.
Whether you’re looking for a family resort, a luxury resort, a resort with swimming pools, or petting zoos, Manas Resort fits the bill perfectly.

Apart from the wide range of facilities they offer, Manas Resort is also known for its exceptional service and hospitality.
They focus on making your experiences unique and offer various exciting activities to make your stay in Igatpuri a memorable one. 

One-of-a-kind resort with a petting zoo

Not many resorts in India offer a facility for pets. However, Manas Resort is emerging as a one-of-a-kind resort in this aspect.
It not only allows pets but also offers complete hospitality to pets. You can play with your pets outside in the open and even take them to your rooms.
It is one of the most pet-friendly resorts in Igatpuri. 

Glimpses of exotic birds and animals

Play with the petted birds and animals at Manas Resort and feed them with your own hands. Watch the birds all day long and caress them when they fly over to you.
Indulge in this surreal experience in the lap of nature and away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Available for your pre-wedding & wedding photoshoots

If you want a scenic place to plan your pre-wedding and wedding shoot, then Manas Resort is the perfect place for you.
Get your photoshoot done in its pristine environment and enjoy a lovely stay at the ideal couple-friendly resort in Igatpuri.

Make your mornings special

The location of Manas Resort makes it hard for anyone to resist a delightful stroll amidst its greenery.
Wake up to the soulful chirping of the birds and the rustling of the leaves.
Breathe in the fresh air as you walk about the lush gardens.
Sip on a hot cup of tea as the sun rises! Enjoy the peace and calm of the slow life for a few days!

Resort In Igatpuri With Swimming Pools

Soak yourself in the infinity pool where you can enjoy swimming, play volleyball, and get moving with aqua aerobics and Zumba.
Whether you’re with your family, partner, kids, or colleagues, this is an experience that must not be missed. It is sure to fill your heart with joy and laughter.

Experience the best of the luxury resort in Igatpuri

Imagine a cozy and intimate outdoor dinner amid the greenery and accompanied by soft lilting music. Sounds irresistible?
Explore the joy of comfortable dining with your favorite drinks, dishes, and conversations. Manas Resort ensures a memorable dinner with its fine food and romantic ambiance! 

Dinner with bonfires, wines sourced from local vineyards, and ayurvedic spas make for a perfect vacation.
With Manas Resort, perfection is not a far-fetched idea. Perfection is what you’ll get throughout your stay. Enjoy every bit of it and more at Manas Resort!

Pet Friendly Resort In Igatpuri

Manas Resort With Petting Zoo is the only resort in Igatpuri. All types are pets are welcome in Manas Resort. Pets are welcome to stay with the guests in the room.
A separate mattress is provided for the pet.
Guests can even order food suitable to pets’ taste buds at cost. It offers a great off-leash park which is delite for the pets.

Premium rooms

Enjoy your stay in a premium room with a view and surrounded by lush greenery. When you open your window in the morning, you’ll be greeted with the finest views that you can enjoy with your morning beverage.
Luxuriously furnished and fitted with the most premium amenities, the rooms at Manas Resort are sure to melt away your stress and exhaustion!

Resort In Igatpuri For Couples

The resort is quite spread out over 7 Acres with cottages with private lawns scattered all over offering complete privacy. Couples can definitely spend Me Time while staying at Manas Resort.

A wholesome experience

At Manas Resort, we want to make you feel special. We don’t just want to be a place where you just come to stay. We want to add to your overall experience at Igatpuri. We want you to feel the essence of Igatpuri at our resort.

Visiting a beautiful hill station as Igatpuri does not simply mean seeing the tourist spots. We at Manas Resort understand that a trip is much more than exploring the city!
It is intended for you to feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and refreshed! And that’s the experience we want to give to you. Whether you are with your partner, pets, kids, or parents, we want you to feel special. And we don’t compromise in our hospitality, ever.

Places to Visit in Igatpuri & Their Distance from Manas Resort

As Manas Resort is located at the hub of Igatpuri, most of the sightseeing locations are nearby the resort. You can either go sightseeing on your own or let us assist you. Either way, you’ll have a good time and won’t have to travel far because the best places are near the resort.

Places to visit in Igatpuri

  •  Ashoka Waterfall – 15 mins / 10.1 km from Manas Resort

    If you have watched the Shahrukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor starrer movie Asoka, you’ve already gotten a few glimpses of this beautiful place.
    Ashoka waterfall is one of the most popular places to visit in Igatpuri.
    Originally known as the Vihigaon Waterfall, owing to its name to the village it is located in, Asoka Waterfall is a seasonal waterfall that nature lovers & hikers love. The best time to see this waterfall in its glory is during the monsoon season.

  • Camel Valley — 23 mins / 16.8 km from Manas Resort

    Located near the Bhatsa River Valley, Camel Valley is a spectacular valley that has the power to rejuvenate anyone who visits it.
    The best time to visit Camel Valley is during the monsoon, which breathes life into its marvelous waterfalls. People visit the valley to escape the monotony of life and experience adventure sports like river rafting.

  • Tringalwadi Fort — 39 mins / 14.5 km from Manas Resort

    Located near the village of Tringalwadi, Tringalwadi Fort is a popular destination amongst hikers and trekkers.
    It holds a special significance as it is built on the ancient trade route that used to pass through Thal ghat.
    The view that you’ll see from Tringalwadi Fort is spectacular, and it also offers a view of the Kulang mountain ranges.

  • Ghatandevi Temple – 5 mins / 1 km from Manas Resort

    Located on the outskirts of Igatpuri, Ghatandevi Temple is dedicated to the deity known as the ‘protector of the ghats’.
    Once you cross the Camel Valley, you’ll see a small road. Following the trails of that reach will take you to Ghatandevi Temple.

  • Vaitarna Dam – 53 mins / 42.3 km from Manas Resort

    Also known as Modaksagar Dam, Vaitarna Dam is built on the Vaitarna River.
    It serves as one of the primary sources of water for Mumbai and hence, is very significant.
    The dam opened in 1957 and has been one of the most popular places to visit in Igatpuri ever since.
    Once you reach the dam, you’ll be mesmerized by its majestic power and the beautiful view of the western ghats in the background.
    Vaitarna Dam is a popular picnic spot for people who visit Igatpuri for a quick day of relaxation and or the residents of Igatpuri alike.

  • Bhatsa River Valley – 1 hr 10 mins / 55.8 km from Manas Resort

    Located by the lakeside, Bhatsa River Valley is a beautiful place to spend a quiet afternoon or a slow evening with your loved ones.
    The valley offers a lovely view of the Bhatsa River gently flowing through the valley.
    It is ideal for nature lovers who want to experience nature at its finest, and for adventure lovers up for some fun in Igatpuri.