Plan Your Wedding In Bollywood Style At Manas Resorts – The Perfect Destination Wedding Resort

Plan Your Wedding In Bollywood Style At Manas Resorts – The Perfect Destination Wedding Resort

If there is something else other than the culture that we Indians are admired for, then it should be our weddings. Right from the local shop vendor to a billionaire, all of us want our wedding to be one of the best events of our lives. With the celebrities going on about exotic locations for their weddings like Virat – Anushka in Tuscany, Italy and Ranveer – Deepika at Lake Como, Italy; destination wedding resorts for bollywood style wedding are becoming a thing in our country.

No matter where the destination wedding location is, one thing is for sure is that we definitely want to maintain the grandeur and splendour of the ceremony.

Giving you all of this extravagance plus the fun of having your loved ones around you with affordable destination wedding packages, the Manas Resort is offering you a great spot for your dream destination wedding.

What are the benefits of having a destination wedding?

Have the wedding your way: With a customised guest list that you can be comfortable around, the wedding can be planned in all the unique and quirky ways that you have always dreamt about.

Make it as intimate as possible: Most of the couples are ditching the idea of having hundreds of strangers around them and are instead picking a list of the ones that matter, making the affair as small and intimate as possible.

Make all the guests feel special: With a small number of people attending the wedding, everyone can be treated with utmost importance, making them feel special and noticed.

Go on a mini vacation: Take your friends and family and gorge on a gorgeous location while you enjoy the big day. Making it a double honeymoon for you and giving some time off for your guests!

Enjoy an ideal destination wedding near Mumbai with the Manas Resorts that will make your dream wedding come into reality!
We have handpicked staff that will make sure you steer through your events in a jiffy and enjoy it without taking much stress on your big day. Serving you with a mystical location amidst the green forests, this destination wedding resort is everything you need on your big day!

The Dream Destination:

Nestled in the Sahyadri Hills, the Manas Resorts offer you a tranquil environment that will soothe your senses and make your wedding as blissful as you wish for it to be. Trees and all other kinds of greenery that will make you feel like you are in between a beautiful forest, surround the destination wedding resort, and make your wedding magical. We give you one of the most exciting destination wedding ideas that will take all the responsibilities from your shoulders and let you loose on your big day. All you need to do is send an enquiry to us, and the rest will be taken care of.

Guests Satisfaction:

The Manas Resort can house over 500 guests, accompanies by venues within the resort that make a place for more than 2000 guests for your events. All of the staff that serves your guests are well trained and will give you and your guests all the hospitality and warmth needed. Each and every one of your guests will be treated well by the staff making this wedding experience a memorable one for both you and your guests.

We offer facilities like:

Laundry Service, Parking Lot, Kids Swimming Pool, Infinity Swimming Pool, Wifi Areas, Indoor and Outdoor Games, Children Park and a Pet Park.

All your guests can relax and enjoy their leisure time in the resort by either indulging in spa or any of these activities. They will be offered utmost importance, and your wedding will be talked about for a long time!

Comfortable Rooms:

Comfort comes first at Manas Resorts and hence, we offer a cozy range of rooms that will make your stay authentic in the resort. We offer one bedroom villa, two bedroom villas or even Suites according to your budget and tastes, to keep you in a comfort zone throughout the wedding. All the ceilings are made up of Mangalore tiles that will keep the temperature at bay during the summers, giving you an authentic experience. Give your guests all the comfort they need on your wedding destination, serving them with a chance to make memories!

The Traditional Settings:

Not compromising even one bit on the Indian traditions, the Manas Resort is one of those wedding destination resorts that provide a venue for each of your event. Right from Mehendi Ceremony to the Reception of the wedding, there are various banquets, lawns, and poolside venues that will help you host various rituals. All of these venues will be adorned with your choice of decorations that will make for a picture perfect backdrop. No matter what, we will make sure that you shall never compromise on your emotions.

Scrumptious Meals:

Our chefs are well-trained and skilled to make delicious meals to keep your guests in awe. You and your guests can relish on any kind of cuisine that you order, satisfying your taste buds and keeping you in a good mood throughout the ceremonies. You can choose your menu and the cuisine when you book your slot to avoid stress later. Our wedding planners will also provide you suggestions for the right kinds of platters that will relish your taste buds.
Remember – Good Food = Good Times!

Keep Yourself Calm and Composed during the Ceremonies:

The Bride and Groom are the most important people of the day, and it is important to keep them calm. *to help with the pre-wedding anxiety*
Keeping this in mind, our wedding destination resort offers rejuvenating spa therapies and a lot of beauty treatments that will keep you at your best state of mind. The spa will make sure that your body is relaxed and mind composed for the coming festivities that require a lot of energy and enthusiasm. The Man and Woman of the hour can drop by the spa at any moment to get their services before their big day to have a relaxed state of mind.

We at Manas Resorts have all kinds of destination wedding packages that are curated for different budgets. You can always visit our property to look around the venues and accommodations and get a package that will fit your budget – giving you a wedding of your dreams. Our wedding destination resort at Igatpuri is becoming more and more famous for its accessibility, and make sure you get your hands on it before you run out of time.

Our staff and crew will work as wedding planners for you and provide all the services that you need for the D-Day. All these services alongside the warmth of our staff that will make you feel amazing.

Isn’t this everything you need for the wedding of your dreams?

Call us now and block your dates for a stress-free wedding experience!