Petting Zoo Near Mumbai

Petting Zoo Near Mumbai

Manas Resort With Petting Zoo, is a Pet Friendly Resort, Near Mumbai. Petting zoo in Igatpuri, is home to many exotic birds and animals. It’s a first petting zoo in India. Petting Zoo near Nashik is located on Mumbai Nashik Highway. Find over 20 different breeds of canines like German Shepherds, Labradors, French Bulldogs, Rough collies, Japanese Akita, Cocker Spaniel, Rotties to name few. Find animals like Sugar Gliders, Red Iguanas & Ostriches to name a few. It houses Birds like African Grey parrots, variety of conures, Colorful Pheasants, Fancy hens like American silkies, Polish Caps. The animals and birds here are well trained and are human friendly. In fact, all of them love human interaction, and although you may feel apprehensive to let your little one play with a large dog, we bet you will feel at ease when you see our animals shower kids with affection.

Not just four-legged buddies, find feathered friends at Manas Resort, too. From the African Grey Parrot to colorful Conures, Pheasants and exotic hens, our aviaries are full of chirpy cheerful birds. You can reward Conures with scritch while they sit on your shoulders and hands. Making friends and plaPet Therapyy with them is easier than you think, so go ahead, snap a selfie or even feed them nuts and grains from your hands. Yes, our animals love when guests feed them!

You may like to know that our pets are treated like family and their health is of utmost importance to us at Manas Resort. This is why we ensure regular check-ups and vaccinations by a well-renowned vet. And while we take care of their health, they take care of you! Several studies have proven that petting an animal have numerous physical health benefits and keep heart risks at bay. Jumping with joy and running around your favorite pooches is a good form of exercise, so who needs to hit a gym to stay fit?

Human and animal interaction leads to emotional well-being. Running fingers through fur has a calming effect and leads to relaxation and a sense of belongingness. And further benefiting in reduction in stress and anxiety. Animals make for a best buddy and give humans a sense of fulfilment, increased positivity and socialization in kids and adults alike. If you have a pet, you’ll be the first to agree that all your stress melts away when you play with them!

So, if you’ve been having a rough week at work, we can bet that a weekend at Manas Resort in Igatpuri will make you forget all about it. Think of spending days with your loved ones in the lap of nature surrounded by mountains and jumping pooches, singing birds, and other fun-loving animals; it’s the perfect therapy you require to get away from the city chaos.

That’s not all, while having fun time you can learn a lot about animals, too. Educate yourself with some fun facts about these exotic animals at our Petting zoo. Our trainers and caretakers are a treasure trove of information, and can offer you insight on breeds, animal diets, temperaments and more.

Don’t let the excuse of your city’s cramped up location and safety measures restrict your pet to a leash. The off-leash park in Manas Resort is an expansive place to let your canines wander free and enjoy their leisure time.So, the next time you are planning a trip, bring your pet along. For those who don’t own one as yet, be ready to make new friends while you enjoy your stay at Igatpuri’s best pet-friendly resort, Manas Resort with Petting Zoo.