Local attractions in Igatpuri

Local attractions in Igatpuri

If I told you, That there are lot of things to do in Igatpuri, and it’s full of, local attractions in Igatpuri, like there exists an enchanting valley, full of lush green forest cover, cascading waterfalls and fresh mountain air just a couple of hours drive from Mumbai, you would probably not believe me. But Igatpuri is all this and more!

A beautiful, serene landscape which will not only help you escape the humdrum of city life, but will also rejuvenate you completely with its combination of natural elements and spiritual healing.

While there quite a few, local attractions near Manas Resort in Igatpuri, and its surrounding areas, a few of the best things to do in Igatpuri, noted below, along with the distance from Manas Resort with petting zoo, the best resort in Igatpuri.


Ghatandevi Mandir (200 mtrs): One of the many ancient temples is a local attraction near Manas Resort in Igatpuri, this one is dedicated to Ghatan Devi which literally translates into ‘Goddess of the Ghats.’ The locals believe this deity is the protector of the Ghats (mountains) and keep the pristine flora and fauna of the area from harm. Apart from being a majestic place of worship, it also offers some really scenic views of the Utvad, Harihar and Durvar peaks.

Camel valley (opposite Manas Resort): If you’ve booked your stay in Manas Resort with petting zoo during the monsoons, you’re in for a treat! Experience Camel valley come alive with quite a few waterfalls, some of them gushing down from a height of more than 1000 ft! It can be quite a sight to behold. This is also a paradise for nature lovers and photographers who would love to relish unspoilt natural atmosphere that invigorates all the senses!

Bhavali Dam (13 km): An earth-fill dam, with 6 waterfalls flowing in the dam, is located amidst the lush green forest of Igatpuri is the latest local attraction near Manas Resort. The dam itself is quite magnificent, located just 15 mins away from the Igatpuri Railway Station, and the view from this spot is just spectacular. Unlike some other dams this one is not overly crowded, so you can relax and unwind without jostling for space. This is one trek you should defiantly attempt!

Bhandardara dam (40 kms): Famous for beautiful flowers which bloom in the surrounding valleys, Bhandardara is a well-known picnic spot for many people from the cities from Mumbai and Pune. Situated by the imposing Pravara River and surrounded by waterfalls, mountains and valleys, the area dotted with a number of historical and natural formations. Bhandardara is bound to incite you to stay a bit longer than you planned.

Randha falls (30 kms) : If the mention of a Waterfall evokes childhood memories of standing under clear, gushing water, the sounds of water ferociously falling from a great height, making you heart skip a beat, then you are bound to feel a sense of Déjà vu at Randha waterfalls. There are quite a few places you can visit near the waterfall too, such as the Bhandardara Lake and the famous Amruteshwar temple, among others. Lose yourself in this beautiful vista, far away from the cluttered and noisy city life.

Vaitarna dam and its backwaters (15 kms): One of the first dams to be constructed way back in 1950s, this dam pioneered the trend of construction of concrete dams in India. The dam is built on the Vaitarna River is a great place to spend a couple of hours. A little known fact is that this dam is one of the major sources for water for Mumbai. The natural beauty on offer and the picturesque lagoon situated at its base make it an ideal spot for picnickers and nature enthusiasts. If you’ve never experienced kayaking, this is a great place to do so.

Nature trails in surrounding tribal vadis: Love trekking? Igatpuri offers a host of nature trials, which will take you to some exotic and breathtaking sites like the Kalsubai peak, which is one of the highest peaks in Maharashtra, passing through the Bhatsa river valley, Camel valley and the Tringalwadi Lake and culminating with the Tringalwadi fort. The best time for these Nature trials is the monsoon season, however there are some night nature trails which are also getting increasingly popular these days.

Ashoka Falls (12 kms) – Located quite close to one of the main roads in Igatpuri, but at the same time, hidden from view, you won’t need to trek through the jungle to get to this fall. However, that fact doesn’t take anything away from this magnificent experience, as this is one of the falls where you can get under the pristine water, surrounded by a canopy of green trees. Just a word of caution, the climb down to the fall can be a little bit tricky as there are no steps here and you will need to move holding onto the stones and boulders, which could get quite slippery in the monsoon. The waterfall was once known by the name of the village where it is existing as Vihigaon waterfall, but after the famous song on shahrukh and Kareena was shot here, the same is now known as Ashoka waterfall.

Vipassana Center (Dhamma Giri) – Meditation that involves concentration on the body or it’s sensation and the gaining of insight – this is how the English dictionary describes “Vipassana.” In reality, it is a way to focus on the connection between mind, body and soul and experience an astounding transformation. The Dhamma Giri centre located in Igatpuri, in Maharashtra and was the world’s largest Vipassana academy. They offer a 10-day residential course, held throughout the year, basic accommodation, food and meditation instructions free of cost. While in Igatpuri, the Dhamma Giri institute should be a must visit on your itinerary.